Products & Services

Direct Digital Control Systems

Tri-Star Control systems specializes in custom DDC control systems using open protocols LonWorks and BACNet.  We specialize in integrating Distech Controls to provide custom solutions that meet the customers requirements.  We have designed and installed systems that range from a couple of controllers to complete building control systems for multi-floor commercial buildings that include boiler plants, chiller plants, VAV’s, AHU’s, etc.

Temp-i-Troll Ax

The Temp-I-Troll AX© is a configurable Internet enabled appliance specifically programmed for optimal control of the heating system of apartment buildings.  It uses a combination of indoor as well as outdoor sensors to optimize the control of the heat and minimize overheating while still maintaining a tenant comfort.  This reduces the energy consumption of the building.  The Temp-I-Troll AX© is the perfect solution for any building heating system.  It also has lots of expansion capability to allow it to monitor many other systems.

 Advanced Analytics

In addition to the basic Temp-I-Troll system, or our other DDC control systems, Tri-Star Control Systems now offers advanced monitoring and analysis of the systems. This software analyzes the data from the buildings to determine if there are issues that should be addressed.  This is like having an expert look over your building every day.  Reports from this include comparing key performance indicators such as building runtime, energy usage, water consumption, etc.  It can also flag potential issues such as short cycling, system bypass, sensor malfunctions, inefficiencies, and many more.  Having this information can point out possible issues that are wasting energy and dollars.